Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sydney dance and House muisc scene

After being away for sometime i have come back to tell you all that i have had enough of the bunkum in Sydneys Dance/House music scene. True art must be fashionable or else it holds little modern day substance but what is being passed around Sydney as the latest sounds in Dance/House music has left a stale taste in my mouth. Its boring unimaginative and has been done before and is being done again with little more ambition than an old dog with scabies.. yes that right i have just compared Sydney's House scene to an old dog with scabies.

Lately i have been writing an album under the moniker "The Geographical" and a few remix's also and i can say i am really happy with them and i have been getting great feedback so i am really excited. Judge for yourself click on the arrow and take a listen.


Flink by Dkline (The Geographical feels better remix)

Donkey Tonk - The Geographical

Cabbage 7 - The Geographical (Mescaline Tea Edit)