Thursday, April 14, 2011

Marco Carola

Marco Carola's time is now. He has been around in many different guises for sometime but its his 'PLay It Loud' LP that has cemented him as one of the big names and an exciting artist to watch. Recently being voted 11th in resident advisors Top DJ's of 2010 ahead of the likes of Sasha, Steve Lawler and Joris Voorn Resident Advisor recently had this to say about him:

When it came to following up Open System Marco knew it must be with something exceptional. "I've been working like crazy on Play It Loud," he says on the travail behind his latest full-length. "I've never been working like this, not even when I was a kid and I wanted to be known!" The resulting album is the perfect amalgamation of Marco's DJ and production sensibilities. Play It Loud's 18 tracks are presented in mix form and explore what proved for Marco to be a highly fertile middle-ground between home listening and the dancefloor—a reduced tempo and complete creative license from Minus allowed Marco to burrow deeper into his sound than ever before. "I always try to do something new," he says. "When I produce, or when I DJ, I don't really think about where I want to go musically, I just start to feel."

Listen to his most recent podcast here:

Franco Cinelli - Landscapes of the Future - Greener

Doubtingthomas - It Keeps You Occupied While You're On The Flight - Metroline Limited

Hanfry Martinez - Rollomixer - Overall Music

Hamid - People From Reykjavik (Doudtingthomas remix) - Metroline Limited

Frank Haag - Lust - Serialism

Los Suruba - Drogo - Time Has Changed

Jako & Rumba - Drift - Fontek

S.M.A.L.L. - Fat Sundaze (Fabio Gannelli Rmx) - District Raw Unlimited

Alberto Sola - Asi Seran Ls Dias (Someone Else mix) - Natural Rhythm

Ikee & Manolaco - Part Mute - Arjaus

The SoulShapes - Deep Rohes (Rohes mix) - Real Tone Records

Digitaline - Okoubaka - Cadenza Records

Rickzor & Rumme - Love - Rogue Records

Marco Carola - Magic Tribe - Minus

Koki - For My Love - Isgud Records

Milkwish - Relajate (Sebbo & Agent Rmx) EDIT - Natura Viva

The Martinez Brothers - Issshhh (Beats) - Objektivity

Marco Carola - Question of Time - Minus

Or listen to "play It Loud' here: