Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Late one night trolling threw charts on Beatport i found a track by a guy called Opiuo and i got excited. His website says this -

"Opiuo is a producer / electronic musician based in Melbourne, Australia. His unique blend of highly original, extremely funky, futuristic, hoppo hop, and glitchy beats has quickly built him a strong international reputation."

I quickly went ahead and bought about 15 tracks of his and started following him on Facebook, i was an instant fan.

The truth is his music isn't Hip Hop it isn't Funk, Dupstep, Electronica or Breaks he is quite simply something different. In a world were so much music today is made by people who can put down the Ps3 only long enough to pick up Logic or Ableton and write a shiny track without actually knowing how it got so shiny Opiou is a breath of fresh air and he is legit. He is a Musician or genuine artist rather than another plaid hipster with a Macbook.

Opiuo go get em tiger.

Listen to his set on Triple J's mix up program here: