Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Consuela - January 20th @ The Burdekin

This party is free and is for lovers of the new Acid House, Dub Techno and Deep House sounds. It's totally free and will feature own works from Squarepeg and Myself and hopefully Bassism aswell.

Not having done a party at this venue since 07 i am very excited about returning to the Mini Bar on the 1st level of the Burdekin on January 20th 2012. It's a very exciting time at the moment musically without a lot of support for Acid House and Dub Techno in the Sydney scene at the moment so i cant wait to play some new grooves.

Oh and it's free so make sure you make it.

( How good is saying things repetitively to get your point across) 

Here is a track you are sure to hear on the night.