Friday, September 16, 2011

Gui Boratto Drop's new album.


Below is a blurb taken from the website. My two fave's here are 'Stems From Hell' and 'Destination:Education'. Personally i used to find his music over produced and lifeless (07-08) my tastes just didn't enjoy his music very much at all back then. However Lately in the past year or so he has become a  completely different Sanchez (Sanchez is the name i am using to replace the word 'Dude' in my vocabulary.) His music has soul and imagination along with that crazy production, check it out... Sanchez.

Gui Boratto is truly that success story that aspiring dance producers dream of. From his Brazilian home of São Paolo as a student of architecture and design, he quickly found himself in the position as one of the countries primary pop/rock producers (including work for Steel Pulse). It was with his 2005 debut Kompakt release on the K2 sub-label "Arquipélago" that shot him into prominence and paved a strong path of singles that led to the now classic full length "Chromophobia". The lead singles "Mr. Decay" and "Beautiful Life" remain two of the most unforgettable tracks in Kompakt history - the latter official video with well over a million views on YouTube. It was his sophomore album, the 2009 breakthrough, "Take My Breath Away" which evolved him as a dance producer further into a realm of his own right as one of Brazil's most established musicians.