Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ming D

Ming D is a legend of the early nineties Sydney Rave scene.Either in a dirty warehouse in Sydney's south or in a Valley or Field a few hours drive from Sydney you could guarantee Ming would deliver at any Rave you were heading to. One of his most memorable gigs would have to be at the series of 'Happy Valley' parties (a party which is 20 yrs ago now) his sets so amazing i could personally blame him for the muscle damage in my legs at that time or the lack of nutrition in my diet, Juries out.

Now Happy Valley is having a reunion Friday, November 11 · 11:00pm - 11:30am at an undisclosed location. The whole Rave reunion thing has been done before and it wasn't Bad. But the fact that Ming didn't go on to sell out like so many big rave DJ's of that time kinda makes this edgy. Coupled with the fact that DJ Abel (who is also playing) who fell out of the scenes good graces for trying to run over a parking cop in his 4WD kinda makes this party deliciously irresistible.

Now to his mix, its downbeat it's twisted its quite IDM and I'm rocking out to it write now. Have a listen, if i can fault it at all it it's that a mix nearly two hours long is a lot to ask in this age of social media, but it's worth it, unlike so many hum drum mixes you hear these days that sound like it's being held together by masking tape the mixing, recording and tune selection of psychil - 38 makes this worth it.